Friday, February 1, 2013

Been there, done that.

Have you ever fall in love? Ever cared about someone special? Ever felt like there's nothing more happier than being with this person? Not waste even a single moment with him. Cherish and enjoy those times together? Along the journey of love, you'll experience lots of things. You'll discover lots of reason to even love this special person in your life. And not just that, also be prepared for change. Be prepared that there's no permanent in this world. And that people does change too. Be prepared that it may not be always happiness, you'll also experience tough times where the so called love is being tested by the ONE who created it, God. Until when can you hold on? How long can you be patient? How many times do you have to forgive? Are you up for His challenge? Will you fight for it? See there's no perfect relationship. It just takes two brave and committed humans to last in LOVE. Some people say that it's easy to fall in love, but hard to stay in love. Easy in the sense that feelings are shown; love is being given in return; Hard in the sense that you get to know the person deeply, the character and what kind of person he/she really is. They may unintentionally hurt you, even destroy you and your whole being. But it's a matter of accepting, forgiving, and analyzing if it's still worth fighting for. I've been there, done that. I've felt every possible pain you can imagine. And everytime I'm in that moment, it feels as if its my first time. Not knowing what to do, how to react, and how to deal with it. Pain is the last thing I'd like to feel. For me it's disappointing, makes me weak and makes me ask myself: "what's wrong with me? what's missing? what more can I give if it was my best?". It really hurts so bad. I swear. It's something that I don't wanna feel ever so often, no please not me. As far as I know, even if I'm not perfect, I love with all my heart. I commit my loyalty and trust to that person. But see, if you were taken for granted that's where pain comes in. Because I expect. If a person is in a relationship, in my opinion, he/she has the right to expect for the love to be given back. Nothing's free in the real world. Well, if some people only has a choice to love someone whom they love, then that person now has the right to expect too. People will always be human, feel and act like human. You really can't dictate a heart. Because it beats on its own. It has its own life. Let it be. Let it show you on its own little way. Just like your partner. He has his own life and the world does not only revolve around you. Let him breathe. Give him space. Let him show you his own way of loving you. You don't have to ask. Give him a chance, let him be. He will, if he really wants to.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Every word feels like a shooting star.

Rapunzel tells us one thing about love. Climbing the highest tower becomes less difficult if someone at the end gives you reason to hold on. I knew it, it was indeed worth the wait!

I'm totally speechless after reading this letter. Jaime, I thank you so much for loving me! I love you moreeeee. <3

Monday, August 1, 2011


In my 22 years of existence, it revolved and is revolving all about love. Whether it had caused me pain or happiness, it doesn't really matter to me what weighs more...What's important is that, right now in my life, I get to experience the greatest gift from God that I am very much thankful about. Being given the opportunity to love and to luckily be love in return, I couldn't ask for anything more!

Things I am thankful for:

God. For giving me the most precious gift of all, my life. Without you I could not imagine where I possibly am right in this very moment. But because you love me enough to even forgive all my mistakes and give more unlimited chances. Lord, You love me unconditionally, conditionally I am to you. Forgive me when at some point in my life I unintentionally / intentionally disapoint you. Forgive me if sometimes I doubt about your existence in my life. Forgive me if sometimes I unintentionally / intentionally hurt anyone especially the two VIPs in my life, my parents. All the things I have right now, the people who cares / hates me; my job; my TRUE friends; my workmates; my family; my boyfriend, and you Lord. Thank you for giving me a chance to be so lucky having a life like this. I couldn't thank you enough...

I know that I borrowed this life to you. And only to you I should surrender all these things I have. I might have hurt some people in the past, forgive me. To all the people whom I've shown love, it was indeed true.

To the two VIPs of my life, my mom and dad. To you mama: thank you for understanding and accepting my shortcomings; you know I'm not perfect but that was never a hinder for you to love me more; mama thank you, I love you so much! Truly, you really know what's best for me and kuya! To you papa: Happy birthday!! I wanna say sorry if at some point you think I'm failing and I feel that you are disappointed. To my decisions... Papa please trust me on this! But after all, I wanna thank you for being there always... For loving me and accepting all my flaws as a daughter. I love the both of you and you two are the greatest gift God ever gave me. Things have change in me, I know that but please mama and papa, always remember that what ever happens...I love you both from the deepest of my heart. Like I've said here in my heart you two are the VIPs.

My only brother, kuyakot. I'm forever thankful that God gave me you as my brother. I might be wishing for another brother/sister. But I will never wish for another one to replace you. Thanks kuya for being there for me always! Mama said you must protect me. And yes, you never fail to do so. I love you, kuya. You're the coolest kuya in the world.

To my friends, true friends, who rocked my world, I love you guys! Thank you for all the love when I'm almost touching the ground, you guys help me to get my ass back up. I couldn't mention all your names because there are a lot of you. But you know who I'm refering to..hehe. I love you all, truly.

Ryan. Hi baby! I love you. I wanna thank God for giving me you. And to your parents for giving birth to you, although there's really no need because your older brother and sister supposed to be enough...hehe. Seriously, without them I wouldn't have met the sweetest guy in the world. I would not experience all these love you're giving me. I'm very lucky to have you because finally I've met someone who said "i love u" who actually mean it and never left me.


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Right LOVE at God's right time.

One day, I just woke up falling in love with you. Not wanting my day pass by not being with you or just simply hearing your words is enough for me to live a day. And you know what amazes me? Its how your love changed everything I have. If I could go back to what I was before? I'd rather stay right in this moment. This part of my life that's loving a guy like you. I love myself more right now, compared to what I was before. I appreciate my life more because each day when I woke up, the thought of having you in my life is a very good reason to move forward and face whatever comes in my way. You inspire me! Thank you and I love you, ryan. I really do!

Friday, July 1, 2011

You and I both love.

Our history:

I was with him... You were with her... We talked, we text sometimes, but we were just friends.No attachments, no drama, no nothing. Just plain random friends who met first at the church and never even had long talks really. Probably saw you once or twice a week. We're not even one of those people who text each other ever so often. Exchanging Hi's/Hello's that was it. Your world revolves around her, and my time was solely for him.

You talked about her... I talked about him... You shared with me how much you love her and I the same with you... I shared you my worries and concerns about guys and you asked why girls are like that... Complete strangers to one another yet we had no inhibitions whatsoever. Played random questions, from the most sensible things to your crazy "manifesto". Just about anything we could come up with...

You said you're crazy for her, and I said I make him crazy...

The plot:

Came that day, him and I broke up. Got a call from you telling me to be strong and that you care for me and you wanna make sure that I am ok. I felt wow, how can this man care for me this much? Although I didn't take it as if you really care for me or there's something deeper than just caring. I know i know at some point I assumed or let's just say wish you really do...

Then one night you said...
She broke your heart. And you asked if anyone deserves to be taken for granted. I said, of course not! Everyone deserves to be happy and love doesn't ask anything but hopefully love as well. That time you knew what I was going through, you said you think I'm the best person to talk to. Then we agreed to see each other the following day... It was a very long day for us, we talked about lots of things. And do you remember what we talked about? Funny because we didn't really bother talking much about "him or her". We talked about "us".

We gave trade secrets. I told you how bad I am with relationships and you were the opposite. You were trying to heal from her, and I was moving on from him. You were scared. I was scared. You and I both were so scared. Scared to be hurt again, and to probably unintentionally hurt someone. But thru it, you became my support, and I was your lifeline. You and I agreed to be a better person and to change what we have done wrong in the past.

I make you laugh... And you... You actually make sense. You are the nicest person I've ever met. The sweetest guy that I wish I can give all my love in to. Simply because you know how to truly love someone. And then I wish I can give you the love you deserve.

The Unexpected Turn:
That day was almost over for us. Mrt. That's where we were. I said good bye and you said bye too. It felt like the hardest word I've ever said in front of you that day! I had no choice because I also didn't want to make you feel as if I am someone to you. The truth is I badly want and need you. Inside me I want to let you know that I'm prolly liking you or worse I might be in love with you. I wish I was your girl...

It all faded when I realized I'm already inside the train. I immediately checked my phone hoping you would send me a message...

It came true... I received one from you. (This was the exact text.)

You: Thanks belle, magbago ka na! I think I forgot something.
Me: You're welcome. Ano po yun?
You: Kiss ko?

(IKR we're so elementary! If I was not sitting that time probably collapsed that very moment I read your message. haha)

Me: >.< I'm scared.
You: Y? Do you love me?

I suddenly found myself smiling in the middle of a crowded place with no one talk to. All I'm hearing is my heart screaming out your name. All of a sudden my cheeks were warm as I cling to my phone right to my chest. I was oblivious, confused, happy, loved, overwhelmed, relieved, concerned.. then I was annoyed...I’m not sure if its because of what I feel or its because I can no longer give you a kiss.

I didn't mind what will happen next. I just wanted to let you know how I feel about you. Iknew it. I love you since day 1.

And so I answered you with...

Me: Yes. >.<


YOU saw me. I saw you...

YOU became mine. And I became yours.

I kissed you. You hugged me tightly.

I share stupid jokes with you. You always do the same. We annoy each other, but we love each other more everyday.

I scream at you. You whisper sweet nothings to me.

This time, we both are ready to show the world how two people can TRULY LOVE each other.

I said iLoveYou. You said iLoveyou more.

When I was about to give up. You stayed all the more… And when you were about to give up, I was there to even hold on and said we'll work it through...

Let's both be strong for each other...Let me be your strength and you be mine.

And now... thru and thru, from that one lousy afternoon where you asked me if I love you.. if you ask me again, I would always say YES over and over again...You will be my SOUL MATE and I will be yours.

I love you with all that I am, Ryan. I wrote this if in case we forget how we started and will remind us how crazy we are together.

Happy 3rd month! God said there's more to come. So just hold my hand... Just stay forever... And I will do the same.

I love you because of what you are to me. I love you because you love me. And I love you because I know this is true and never ending.


Friday, June 24, 2011

R, i love u since day 1.

The kind of love I have for this human being is something greater than I have ever experienced. You will always be my best friend; my one and only love.

Through thick and thin, every time I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on, you were right beside me bending over so my short little self could reach. When I needed tissues, you supplied me with 3 tons of it. When I needed hugs and reassurance that everything would sort itself out and be the way it was meant to, you sat there, listened to me and promised change. Seriously, when I look back at all the rough times I went through to make me who I’ve become, all I see is you by my side, fighting my battles with me. I thank you.

Thank you for helping me grow into the lady I am today. Thank you for sticking by my side, even when I was wrong, even when I was childish, even when I was ridiculous. I expect nothing but the best for you, because you deserve nothing but the finest things.

You are truly the reason I believe in soul mates. I love you with every fiber of my being and I know that although there may be some obsticles to overcome, we will remain strongly bonded in the future.

We’re so different compared to who we were back then. You have your own life, while I got mine. The very first time I got the chance to meet you, I knew it! There's something special on the way you make me feel. And I tell you its the same feeling whenever I'm with you. It feels sooooo right loving you. You gave me a million reasons to wake up and smile. Every.Single.Day. So, yeah, f***in’ right we haven’t known each other forever, & maybe we will go through changes that will lead to periods of distance. But I know that you know I will always, always have a huge chunk of my heart reserved for you. There's always going to be a part of you with me and that's the LOVE we share for each other. I have loved you from the start, and I'm tellin' you I ain't stopping.

I love you, completely for who you have been and who you’ve become.

You’re the greatest man in my life.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Me said: